Corban’s history stretches back to 1935 when it began as a small Bible institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

You’ll notice, as you dive into Corban’s story, that the school has been called by several different names. Each name marks a significant season in Corban’s history and helps illustrate the transitions and periods of growth the school experienced to become the University it is today.

But the common thread in each of the school’s iterations has been a commitment to the authority of Scripture and a foundation on the person of Jesus Christ. Corban’s name and location may have changed, but its roots haven’t. Today, the school is just as committed to discipling Christians and preparing them for a lifetime of impact as it was in 1935.

Four-Year Accredited Bachelor's Program

  • 25 students/AIC’s per year
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Psychology, Social Service & Leadership
  • Bible, theology, hermeneutics
  • Training and counseling
  • General studies
  • Mentorship practicums

“Adults in custody are finding meaning and hope for a productive future through Paid in Full Oregon. Corban University is honored to join in this transformative program, one in which benefits extend far beyond the walls of incarceration.” – Tom Cornman | Interim President, Corban University