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Thank you for your gift to Paid in Full Oregon.

Because of you, adults in custody who walk into prison with discouragement, pain, questions, and guilt, will begin a journey of finding hope, peace, forgiveness, joy, and new-found purpose.

Because of you, adults in custody will grow in practical education that will change their life for the better, and find new purpose living out the Great Commission within prison walls.

All of us praise the Lord for you daily and look forward to sharing with you all God does through you.

Paid in Full Stars


By investing in the life of a student inmate, your gift of $5,500* per year will provide them with the all-inclusive** one-year scholarship.

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*We estimate the full four-year tuition for student inmates will be approximately $22,000, compared to more than $129,000 for traditional students ($32,380 average annual tuition in 2019)
**Includes academic, mentoring, internship programs, and administrative costs of PiFO

Losing Megan
Paid in Full Stars

Losing Megan by Tom Kohl

Finding Hope, Comfort and Forgiveness in the Midst of Murder

Tom Kohl, a judge, relates how God changed his life through the living Jesus Christ; how God could take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph. Only through the power of the living God could Tom come to forgive the man who brutally murdered his daughter. This story also reveals how drug court, an intensive treatment program, was birthed out of Tom’s heart for drug addicts, offering second, third, and fourth chances in the criminal justice system. This is the true story of finding hope, comfort, and forgiveness in the midst of the darkness of drug addiction and ultimately the murder of Tom’s daughter.

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