A Virtual Fundraising Celebration

Thursday, March 11th, 7-8 PM PST

2021/03/11 19:00:00

Our Challenge:

Prison anger, violence, drugs, gangs and depression will not be solved by getting tougher on crime, building more prisons, or raising taxes

Our Purpose:

Paid in Full Oregon, Corban University and the Oregon Department of Corrections have partnered to provide Adults in Custody (AIC’s) a fully accredited bachelor’s degree; transforming our students into spiritual and moral leaders who will impact the entire prison population throughout the State of Oregon.

In the early 90’s, Louisiana’s Angola Prison was considered the most violent and bloodiest maximum-security prison in the country. After implementing a Bible seminary program at Angola, both adults in custody-on-adults in custody and adults in …

Corban’s history stretches back to 1935 when it began as a small Bible institute in Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll notice, as you dive into Corban’s story, that the school has been called by several different names. Each name marks a significant season in Corban’s history …

Oregon Department of Corrections and Oregon State Correctional Institution have partnered with Paid in Full Oregon to provide classroom space, recommend and approve AIC’s for the program, and place graduates in positions throughout the prison system …

Transforming Lives:

Transforming convicted felons into spiritual leaders and then sending those leaders throughout the entire Oregon prison system to transform the lives of others is the heart of the mission and purpose of Paid in Full Oregon.

Updates & Archives


Listen to the full interview (55min) from Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. In this interview Judge Tom Kohl discusses how he forgave the man who murdered his daughter, then went on to introduce a new way of looking at prison culture using biblical principles.

Only 22 days until…

Dear Supporters of PiFO, Our virtual fundraiser, The Ripple Effect, is only 22 days (March 11) from today! There is still so much to do, yet God has done so much already. For example, all 25 students in our second cohort have been transferred to the college in the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI), our…

Celebrate with PiFO!

Dear Supporters of PiFO, We are excited about our virtual celebration fundraiser coming up on March 11th, “The Ripple Effect.” We believe the name, “The Ripple Effect” truly describes what happens through PiFO in prisoners’ lives, families, communities, relationships, and – inside the walls of the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). We will begin our virtual event at 7pm…