Changing the Culture of the Oregon Prison System

By transforming adults in custody into spiritual & moral leaders.

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Transforming Lives

Transforming convicted felons into spiritual leaders and then sending those leaders throughout the entire Oregon prison system to transform the lives of others is the heart of the mission and purpose of Paid in Full Oregon.

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Our Story

Modeled after highly successful programs, we provide incarcerated students with a fully accredited four-year Bachelor of Science degree.

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Corban University

Corban University

Corban’s history stretches back to 1935 when it began as a small Bible institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Oregon Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections

Oregon Department of Corrections and Oregon State Correctional Institution have partnered with Paid in Full Oregon.

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What We Do

In partnership with Corban University, we provide a four-year curriculum to our students resulting in a Bachelor of Science degree in liberal arts emphasizing Psychology, Social Services and Leadership. The students are taught in a live classroom setting at the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI) by real Corban University professors. They exit the program with a fully accredited bachelor’s degree.

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Hear their Stories

Clifford Jones’ Story

Clifford Jones is the graduate of such a program in Louisiana and is now a board member of Paid in Full Oregon, a pastor in Hillsboro, Oregon, and a living example that this program works!

Brad Ballantyne’s Story

Brad Ballantyne is one of our current students. Watch his amazing story and what Paid in Full Oregon means to him, his family & those he is called to serve on the inside.

Darrington Prison

How the Scriptures, and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, both transform lives, even in prison.

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Graduation is on June 28, 2024

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Man in Prison

“…Reality in Prison is Most Inconvenient for Me”

Dear PiFO Supporter, As we close this year, I look back in awe on how God has provided for the Paid in Full Oregon/Corban extension in the Oregon State Correctional …
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Dear PiFO Supporter, This time of year, as we remember what God has done for us, whether it be an undeserved blessing, or a blessing disguised as a challenge, and …
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