Hope For The Future

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Hope For The Future

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Dear PiFO Supporter,

Below is another letter from one of our students in the Corban Extension at the Oregon State Correctional Institution expressing how he has been impacted by the Paid in Full Oregon/Corban program. I have been sending these letters to supporters of PiFO over the last several months. This one is especially hopeful and It ends with a wonderful truth!

“What a time this has been! It would take me pages to tell you how my time in the Corban University extension has impacted me and the people I come in contact with. Nothing has had such a deep and meaningful effect like this journey has. Every relationship has changed for the better and the people in these relationships are positively affected as well. My life is better in every way because of the development this education has allowed.

I came to college calling myself an atheist after the death of my wife and seven-year-old son hardened my heart to God. I kept saying I didn’t believe but over these last couple of years it has become impossible to not see His hands working in my life, providing a place for my heart to mend and find peace. There is no set of circumstances outside of my time with Corban and their amazing teachers that would have presented me with the gift of knowing Christ. Living by Jesus’ command to love one another has echoed through my interactions and behavior that helped re-form the man I am into a person I have come to love and not loathe so that I can love all those around me.

There is something amazing happening in these classrooms and the conversations in and outside of them is something you would never believe to hear in prison. I wish you could see it from the perspective given to me. Not only are the students changing but the people they interact with are affected in ways I never thought I would see in my time. They are not always big, transformative events but the thousands of little kindnesses that might go unnoticed if you had not seen where these men started. My cohorts are from all walks and each of them I consider a friend…a word you don’t often use to describe people you meet in here.

The future holds far greater promises for me than that of three years ago. There is more than hope that life gets better after we leave this program but a sincere belief that we will go on to do the work of the Lord in whatever capacity he calls us to. Seeing the fruits of all that we have labored for in this short time is not difficult and I am eager to see what the future holds for this small group of men. There is an observable and considerable affect from the work we do here. Thank you SO much for giving me another chance in life. A chance to be redeemed. 

Thank you immensely,

Michael Zubriski”

Thank you for your continued support both prayerfully and financially. We do worship the God of redemption!

Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl

Executive Director and Founder


PS…Please pray for our search for a new Executive Director. I will remain on the board and be one of PiFO’s biggest cheerleaders!