Another dividend on your investment

Another dividend on your investment

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Dear PiFO Supporter,

As you know, I have been posting a series of emails from our PiFO students at the Corban extension in prison at OSCI. The reactions I am receiving from the supporters of PiFO have been awesome. Here is another dividend on your generous investment from Morgan Bohnsted:

Dear supporters of Corban-PiFO at OSCI,

I want to thank you for your continued support and prayers for all of us in the program. Even through the difficulties of Covid-19 we as a whole are marching on. I am in the inaugural (2019) cohort, and I believe we’ve been battle-tested the most. We’ve encountered Satan at many turns during these past two and a half years, but our Lord and Savior has been with us and removed so many of the roadblocks we’ve encountered.

We have now been in the Corban classroom, off and on, for approximately two years now, and we’ve received our laptops as well. These two little things have been game-changers for us. We have yet to have even one “normal” term. Every term has started late, been cut short due to Covid, not been able to have a full load of classes or some other sort of hang-up. Regardless, we have been marching on. I do not share this with you out of anguish, but out of gratitude, for we would not have been able to accomplish what we have without you and your prayers …”Thank You!”

On a personal note, I have been told by family and friends that they have seen so much growth in me over the time I have been in this program. I can honestly say that I too have seen and felt this growth as well. God has been working in and through me like I never thought possible. My attitude has changed for the better. My patience, something I never really had before, has grown and matured greatly. My outlook on life and the world has been fostered significantly. And now, I have a confidence in me that I never had before.

For someone who never graduated from high school, to getting a GED in my late twenties, going to prison in my mid-thirties, to now being enrolled in Corban University in my early forties (while in prison)…Praise be to the Lord!!! This is only possible because YOU had faith in our God to follow His guidance when you didn’t even know who you’d be helping on this side. Your investment in time, money, effort, and prayers have not gone unnoticed. Although we have never met, I feel your kindness, generosity, love, faithfulness, compassion, and your heart for this mission. For this, I have gratitude, and again, I say, “Thank You!”

In Christ

Morgan Bohnsted

And I also say “Thank you” for your continued support.

Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder