A Real Honor

A Real Honor

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By Paid in Full


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Your generosity and support of Paid in Full has given us a real honor.

The Department of Corrections “Director’s Award” is given to organizations that help improve our prison system. Paid in Full is the recipient for 2019!

I accepted the award on your behalf because without your generosity and prayers, nothing we’ve done this past year could have been accomplished. This award is about how you are showing Christ’s love to prisoners so that they can experience it themselves. And you do it through your generosity. Thank you.

So, I’d like to give you another opportunity to meet an urgent need, and help us take another major step toward our goal. We need computers.

When classes start, the students are going to need specially programmed notebook computers that allows them to get all of their classroom materials and readings but will not connect to the internet or permit them to violate the security of the prison in any way. The cost is $634 each. We’ll need $17,361.00 for 27 computers. We are purchasing 2 extra in case of a breakdown

If God leads you to provide a computer for an inmate, it would be a beautiful gift. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are opening up the world of learning to an inmate who is training for future ministry. You’ll place the most important learning tool in their hands for the next four years.

Would you consider such a gift? And if you cannot give the full $634, your gift of $100, $200, or $500 will also help. I hope we can place the order for computers by August 15, so that they are ready by the time school starts. Please go to our donate page and give today.