What about the 23 “Lifers”?

What about the 23 “Lifers”?

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I recently received a list of the inmates who have applied to join the first ever bachelor’s degree program offered in Oregon’s prison system. The enthusiasm among the inmates is very high and more than 150 have applied. 

On that list are 38 who bear the label “Lifer.”

It’s hard for any of us to comprehend the emotional devastation of having done something that would put you in prison for life. No doubt, their actions also inflicted terrible pain and trauma upon others. Believe me, I know how it feels to be on the other end of it. The pain runs so deep.

But the prisoner, no matter how long their sentence may be, also needs hope. In Christ, there is hope – hope of forgiveness, redemption and even restoration to those who have been wronged, and society as a whole.

Your financial support and prayers for Paid in Full Oregon gives that hope. It gives every student inmate a reason to live, to develop a career in helping others, and to eventually leave prison with a way to earn a living. And it will give the lifers, a meaningful way to make a positive difference in prison.

This is the transformation you are investing in. Please continue to pray for the 25 men who will start classes this fall, that each one will be open to all God can do in their life.