I Don’t Feel Like I’m In Prison Anymore

I Don’t Feel Like I’m In Prison Anymore

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Dear PiFO Supporters,

In-person classroom instruction resumed last week on May 12 for our students at OSCI. In last week’s email, I included two photos of the remodeled classrooms showing classes in session.

One day after, on May 13, the PiFO board had the opportunity to visit the remodeled space at OSCI. It was a day I will never forget. Years of dreaming, planning, and fundraising coming to reality. All made possible through your generous gifts and prayers and, of course, God.

When we arrived at OSCI, we had to check-in at the gatehouse. After being processed, we walked through several barred steel doors and gates. The clunking and metallic sound of the doors opening and closing was piercing to our ears. Eventually, we reached our destination within the walls of the prison…the remodeled space of the Corban extension in OSCI. There was a sign over the entrance door that read “Corban University.” We were about to enter sacred space.

Inside the remodel, it seemed like another world. We were mesmerized by the pristine elegance of the space. What a beautiful place to be even though it was inside a prison. This is the best learning space in any of the Oregon DOC prisons.

Here is a photo of some of our board members along with Dr. Amit Bhatia in the study hall.

As I mentioned above, the day before, May 12, our students also had their very first opportunity to enter that sacred space. An OSCI staff person, who was our escort that day, told us that she led our students into that space.

She said as they entered the remodel there was a surreal tranquility. The students were somber and silent. No one said a word. Then one student softly uttered, “I don’t feel like I am in prison.” What an amazing statement! What an incredible moment in time!

This space will be a sanctuary and a blessing for each of our students. It will be a place where they can read and study in solitude and reverence. It will be an oasis for them. Already they are asking to spend more study time in this sacred space.

Ripple Effect Fundraiser

We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our community who have been able to support our cause and further the Gospel as we work within the prison. 

You can donate online and watch a replay of our Ripple Effect fundraiser to continue to see all the amazing work God has done through Paid in Full Oregon. 

Once again, thank you!
Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder