Our Students Are Back In Class

Our Students Are Back In Class

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Dear PiFO Supporters,

Hooray! Our students at the Corban extension in OSCI were welcomed back in class on May 12 by Dr. Amit Bhatia. Dr. Bhatia is the Program Director for the Corban extension in OSCI. This is the first time our students have received in-person instruction since the COVID-19 lockdown last year.

During 2020, our students were able to continue their college coursework through education packets. These packets provided for continued study and learning and for completion of homework assignments.

In spite of the lockdown, our first cohort was able to complete their Freshman year on Aug. 31, 2020! Our second cohort began written classwork on Feb. 16, this year.

Remodel of OSCI

As a reminder, PiFO raised the funds that were necessary to remodel the 3300 square foot space designated by the Oregon DOC at OSCI. The total cost of the remodel, raised by the generous support of PiFO donors, was $684,000. Praise God!

The remodel was completed after the COVID-19 lockdown. May 12 was also the first time our students actually used the remodeled classrooms.

Below are two photos, one of Dr. Amit Bhatia and one of Dr. Felicia Squires as well as some of our students, on day ONE in our remodeled space at OSCI.

Dr. Felicia Squires teaching at OSCI
Dr. Amit Bhatia teaching at OSCI

The partnership between the Oregon DOC, Corban University, and PiFO has weathered a fierce storm that no one anticipated. Thank you for your prayers and support during this time. 

We continue to covet your prayers for our students and Dr. Bhatia as well as the Corban and the OSCI staff.

Ripple Effect Fundraiser Update

The total dollars raised to date for the Ripple Effect fundraiser is $206,000!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our website. You can also re-watch the event on our YouTube channel

Ever grateful, 



Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder