Save the Date – November 9, Help Break the Chains

Save the Date – November 9, Help Break the Chains

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You are invited to witness the launch of Paid in Full Oregon’s transformational education program on November 9.

Over the past year, God has raised $684,000 which was used to pay for the classroom remodel at Oregon State Correctional Institution. Student inmates will soon be enrolled in a fully accredited Bachelor’s Degree program that will break the chains of their past, and give them a better future. Classes start in the Fall.

Phase 1 of our funding is now complete. Now on to Phase 2, the funding of educational scholarships for student/inmates.

Come and celebrate the miracles that have launched this ministry. Join us to hear how God has provided, and be inspired by God’s work to bring his love and grace to inmates. And you can become one of our Founding Partners through your ongoing financial support to transform lives. I hope to see you there!