TOUCHDOWN! How God pushed us across the goal line!

TOUCHDOWN! How God pushed us across the goal line!

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By Jerel Skeith


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Two weeks ago, when I learned that we would be $187,000 short of our goal, I was shocked, and bewildered about how we would ever raise the needed funds in such a short period of time. It was 4th and goal. But I knew God would come through – He has not taken us this far to abandon us now!

We took action. I appealed to the Department of Corrections to reduce the contingency fee, which they did by $20,000. I asked a foundation to advance their pledge of $30,000 to give it now, rather than later this fall, and they agreed. We committed funds from our current bank account to help bridge the gap.

I sent out the request. I asked you to pray. I called some friends. A few of our donors responded graciously with gifts leaving us $76,000 short. All this happened in about seven working days.

Then Sunday afternoon, I got an email from a friend saying that he and his wife will meet the shortfall with a gift of $76,000. In closing he wrote: “May God do a mighty work through Paid in Full!”

YES! God is already doing a mighty work. He is providing abundantly financially and demonstrating his love through generosity. This is what makes the gospel really good news for those in prison and their families.

I’m so grateful for those who gave – and all who prayed. And now, we expect to see God’s mighty work done in the lives of inmates throughout the state of Oregon. Please keep giving. Keep praying. Keep believing for God to do a mighty work through Paid In Full Oregon!