The Computers are here!

The Computers are here!

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Dear friends and supporters of PiFO,
2020 is starting out great! Because of you, we were able to purchase 25 computers—one for each of our students. The computer is a unique computer that was designed specifically for the prison environment.
The computer is called a Securebook. A picture of it is included with this email. It will have no access to the internet and it will be used primarily for research and writing. A research program, called LOGOS, will be downloaded on each computer which gives our students access to thousands of research materials. The LOGOS software was donated to PiFO.
Oregon will be the first state in the Northwest to allow adults in custody to have and use a laptop. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Oregon Department of Corrections leaders for stepping out in faith and providing this unique opportunity for our students.
Classes have now started for the Winter Quarter. In the weeks to follow, I will be providing some amazing news on the students, the courses and their professors. Stay tuned and thank you again for your prayers and generosity!