Essay from Britt Jason Bones

Essay from Britt Jason Bones

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By Jerel Skeith


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Dear PiFO Supporter,

Here is another essay from one of our students in the Corban extension at OSCI expressing his appreciation to Paid in Full Oregon and for how the program is making an impact on his life in prison.

Essay from Britt Jason Bones:

“Hello and greetings! I hope and pray this letter finds you in the very best of health and spirit.

This letter is a thank you from the bottom of my heart to the gracious donors for their contributions that made Paid in Full Oregon a reality. Hopefully this will give some insight from behind the scenes and how the program is altering the course of many people by engaging them with a Christian approach to learning that is rooted directly in the lordship of Christ.

I have been a freshman in the Corban degree program for about five months and I can already see the rewards that I have been blessed with just by being involved around a theologically-focused cohort that shares the same intellectual and spiritual interests as I do.

The one really significant outcome of the Corban program is the bond I now have with my family, especially my biological father. My dad has inoperable prostate cancer and has a limited time until he passes. He also has his master’s degree in Biblical studies. You can imagine how big of a blessing this degree program is for me and how proud my dad sounds when I talk to him. Our prayers were definitely answered.

I can already feel the characteristics of the curriculum defining my desire as a Christian and as a human being to help make a better prison environment and a better world by teaching us the methodology of Christian learning to become better peacekeepers. 

So, with that being said, I promise that I will represent Corban University with my utmost scholarly excellence and Christian character, and thank you for your care and compassion, and for this life altering experience.”

Please continue to pray for our students, the staff at OSCI and the professors at Corban. You are making an eternal impact on the lives of men in the Oregon prison system.

Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder