It’s God’s story – will you help me tell it?

It’s God’s story – will you help me tell it?

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God has given me a story. I want to share it. Will you help me do that?

I’m asking you for a special favor.

I am looking for more speaking engagements and I wonder if you know of a place where I can tell the Paid in Full Oregon story. I’m specifically thinking about your church, your rotary club, your men’s or women’s retreat, or even a special meeting at your workplace.

The Paid in Full Oregon story needs to be shared all across the state. And I’m willing to travel to do it. Everywhere I speak about my experience as a judge, the loss of my precious daughter, Megan, and the way God has redeemed my life and filled it with love and grace, people are touched. God uses my story to help people experience His love and forgiveness. It’s something people desperately need.

It’s also the best way I have right now of finding new people to support this ministry. As we enter the next phase of our fundraising, to raise the next $150,000 needed to actually pay for the educational program next year, I will need to meet a lot more people. Would you help me do that?

I have available time this summer and next fall for more speaking engagements. If you can help, simply reply to this email and let me know your name and the group you would like me to speak to, and the name of the contact person. Perhaps you can make the referral, and I’ll handle it from there.

Thank you for your partnership in this way. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.