It’s Laptop Time Again!

It’s Laptop Time Again!

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Dear PiFO Supporter,

PiFO and Corban are now in the process of recruiting our 4th cohort to attend the four-year college degree program in the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI) in Salem. Adults in custody (AICs) from the other prisons throughout Oregon are eligible to apply for the 25 openings that are available. The application deadline is August 31 and classes for the 4th cohort will begin in January of 2023.

Looking back to the beginning of this project, I have so much wonder and awe at how God provides. From the space in OSCI that needed to be remodeled (at a cost of $684,500!) to the actual recruitment of our 1stcohort in 2019, God has provided.

You have generously funded the cost of laptop computers (25 computers for each cohort) for the use of our students from the very beginning. The cost for each computer, which includes special hardware and software, is $700. These computers have been specifically designed for use in OSCI.

Last year, not only did you provide for 25 computers, but you also donated enough funds for an additional 5 computers! So, this year we only need funds for 20 more computers. In addition to word processing, these computers allow our students to have access to thousands of materials through LOGOS, which is a biblically based research program.

Please pray about how God would want you to provide for our 4th cohort. Also your prayers would be greatly appreciated for each student who will become a member of the 4th cohort.

Of course, with 4 cohorts, we now have a senior, junior, sophomore and freshman class! Either in late 2023 or early 2024, we will have our first graduating class. In the meantime, there is a strong need to continue to lift our students in prayer for wisdom, discernment and guidance from God. The enemy does not like what is happening in OSCI.

If you ever have any questions about the PiFO/Corban program, please call or write me.

Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder