Like an oasis in prison

Like an oasis in prison

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As I stood outside the gatehouse at the Oregon State Correctional Institution last Friday, there was a woman with a big smile and tears flowing down from her eyes. She was the mother of Jason, one of our students, who had experienced deep sorrow over her son’s criminal history and incarceration.

But, this was a moment of joy. Her tears were tears of joy. Her son’s acceptance into the Corban University extension at OSCI has brought great hope to both of them. Jason later said, “This program is like an oasis. Here in prison, saying the wrong thing can leave you black and blue. But in class, we can talk freely without fear. You have no idea what this program means to me. I am deeply grateful.”

I was at OSCI last Friday to attend the first ever convocation with all 25 of our students, the Corban faculty, parents, grandparents and friends of our students. We prayed that God would use this program to transform the Oregon state prison system from the inside out through the lives of these students. We are seeing the fruits of those prayers!

I am continually amazed at what God is doing. Please keep praying for our 25 students. Now, we must raise the funds that will make this possible. Join us for our second annual banquet on November 9 at 6:00 pm at the NW Events Center in Hillsboro. Our theme is “Breaking Chains.” RSVP below. You will be blessed!

Again, thank you for making this possible. God is using you, through your financial support and prayers, to bring hope to the students and joy to mothers, like Jason’s.