Breaking chains this Saturday

Breaking chains this Saturday

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If you’ll attend the banquet this Saturday night, you’ll be thrilled to meet my good friend Burl Cain. God has used him in an incredible way. 

When he became warden of the Angola Prison in Louisiana, it was the most violent prison in America. And when he left that job, 24 years later, Angola Prison was considered one of the best run and safest prisons in the country.

What made the difference? I believe it was the seminary program that he started there, a program that gave inmates an opportunity to rise above their past and become spiritual leaders. One of our own board members, Clifford Jones, attended Angola’s seminary and his life is a testimony to its effectiveness.

That’s what we are doing now in Oregon, in collaboration with Corban University. This is your last chance to sign up to hear this exciting story. You’ll be thrilled. And even more excited to be a part of what God is doing in here in Oregon.

The banquet starts at 6 pm on Saturday, November 9, at the NW Event Center in Hillsboro. Please join us!