Meet Professor Evan!

Meet Professor Evan!

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As you know, our students at the Corban extension in OSCI are deeply immersed this semester in the studies of General Psychology, College Writing 1, Contemporary Math and Survey of Biblical Literature. I had a chance to look at the Math textbook last week. It looked like a foreign language to me!
Our students are blessed with instruction in this subject from Evan J.D. Hedlund. Evan serves as the Program Director of Mathematics at Corban University. His mathematical interests lie in the study of number theoretic applications in cryptology, especially in the applications of collision algorithms and arithmetic dynamics (Oh my, this seems really deep!). He has a passionate heart for his students, particularly in helping them develop a richer knowledge of God as the mathematical discoveries deepen their knowledge of truth. Evan and his wife, Adrienne, live near the Willamette River. They are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending their spare time in nature, reading literature, and growing in their knowledge and walks with God.
Regarding teaching at the Corban extension in OSCI, Evan says: “No matter the sins of the past, all humans are valuable as creations made in God’s image. Teaching at OSCI is a great opportunity to be light to people often disregarded by society. It is a chance to speak truth that God can use in the transformation of hearts and minds.”

Our students are so blessed to have instructors like Evan that can speak into their lives! Please pray for Evan, that God can speak through him to our students, and please continue to pray for our students as they become catalysts of change in the Oregon prison system.