What do YOU call an inmate?

What do YOU call an inmate?

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What do YOU call an inmate? Prisoner? Criminal? Offender? Throwaway? 

These and many other names label men behind bars. The Department of Corrections is officially changing the designation of “inmate” to “adult in custody,” AIC. But those who will start their bachelor’s degree program in two weeks are thrilled to be given a new name: Students of Corban University. 

Last Friday, I was privileged to be part of the very first student orientation at the Oregon State Correctional Institution. Officials from OSCI and Corban were also present. Every single student at the orientation expressed his deep gratitude for what you have done.

The students are overwhelmed by the generosity of the people in the free world. The students feel they are no longer “throwaways!”

Your investment helps to give them a new identity and a fresh outlook on life. Thank you for bringing God’s love and kindness to these “new” students of Corban. They have renewed hope for their future. Now they believe that their lives will matter.