A beautiful moment

A beautiful moment

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I’ll call him “Jason” and he’s made some horrific mistakes.

But as of last week, Jason is now a student enrolled in the Corban University extension at the Oregon State Correctional Institution. His application essay scored 100 out of 100 points, and I’ll let you see why. He wrote…

“Ever since I’ve come into a relationship with God…He put a deep passion in my heart to help lead others out of the darkness that I once lived in and into a new life of love and hope with Jesus Christ. Life with Christ is very different. He has completely changed the way I look at other people and myself in a good way. . .

I’ve seen the darkness inside these prison walls and I’ve been praying for something like this to come into the Oregon Department of Corrections so that we can help make a positive change for those around me. I’m very excited that this opportunity is finally here.”

When Jason’s wife got the news that he was accepted into our program, she sobbed with joy, overwhelmed with gratitude. It was a beautiful moment for her, and their kids, to experience the hope this will bring to their entire family.

Jason and 24 other students is why this is so important. These 25 men will embark on a fresh new horizon for their lives – a future of hope and productivity. They will be equipped to live and work in the prison system as a force for good. And eventually, many will be released back into our communities prepared to bring life and hope to others. Please continue to pray for Jason and this group of students.

With the facility costs covered through your gifts, we must now move on to our next phase of funding for student scholarships. The average cost for each student is $5,500 per year, a total of $22,000 over four years. This is a bargain compared to the normal cost of college – about $32,000 per year. So your investment is well worth it and will make a huge difference.

We must raise $203,000 to cover all of our costs, so I would ask you to prayerfully consider a special gift. As school gets started in the next few weeks, would you please respond with your special gift today? We need $30,000 immediately, and then about $20,000 each month thereafter. So your special gift of $100, $250, $500, $1,000, as God leads you to respond, will be used to create many more beautiful moments for other families who have husbands and fathers, sons and brothers in prison.