College classes restart at OSCI!

College classes restart at OSCI!

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As we enter our second week of extreme “social distancing,” I want to share some good news. As you know, OSCI wisely closed all of its prisons to visitors and volunteers. Our college classes being taught by Corban University professors were temporarily shut down. A few days ago I received this encouraging and hopeful message from a Corban official:
“We are good to restart classes at OSCI!
We will copy the materials we wish students to have on pink paper, create a packet for each student with all materials from all classes, put those into a large envelope with the student’s name. One of us will drop off the box of packets to the guard station. Staff inside the facility have volunteered to deliver those packets to our students. Once students complete any work for grading, they will put that into a box, again with pink paper on their work somewhere, and the volunteers will sort our work from the other education work (each institution/program will have their own color), and place that work in a box to be picked up again at the guard station.
We are currently hoping to deliver a packet to students some time this week and plan to have weekly drop offs until the semester is completed.
We will be drafting a letter to our students explaining to them what the plan is, and that letter will be delivered to them with the first packet.
This is such a relief! Here’s hoping we can get students through this semester in a timely manner.
Also, no one inside has either the flu or Covid-19. This is a blessing!”
Thank you all for your prayers and support! God is showing us how awesome and great He is. Please continue to pray for our world, our nation, our leaders, our families and our communities; both inside and outside the prison walls.