Baptism behind the Walls

Baptism behind the Walls

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Together, as we travel through this storm of COVID-19, there is good news on the horizon. We know that we will be stronger as a nation, as a state, as communities, as families and as individuals. We will be stronger because of where our eyes are focused…on Him.
I want to share some additional good news with you. Several weeks ago we had our first baptism behind the walls at OSCI. Kevin, one of our students, chose to be obedient to Christ. He chose baptism…his public acknowledgment of his faith in Jesus Christ. He did it in the chapel in front of fellow students and a few others.
Here are the words he spoke just before baptism (and the photo):
“I used to not understand how or why God would die on the cross for someone he did not know. I now believe and trust my life would be led by God. In my past life I used drugs and drank. Because of my faith and belief in Christ I am no longer scared of my life ending. In one way I would be happy to go. Even though leaving my kids and family would be a bad thing, I know I will see them again. I am now publicly in front of my brothers showing my faith by being baptized. I also found peace and forgave my Dad as well as my biological Mom.”
As we continue to pray for our nation and leaders, let’s keep our students in mind also. I have no idea how they must feel being cut off from family and friends during this difficult time.
In the end, God will heal our world. In the meantime I pray that God will give us strength and wisdom and courage.