Corbin Students Being Used … NOW!

Corbin Students Being Used … NOW!

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Dear Supporters and Friends of PiFO,

I have some truly awesome news to share about our students in the Corban extension at the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI).

I was informed by a DOC staff person last week that OSCI is working hard to ensure that as soon as possible in-person classes will resume at OSCI. This is the good news.

But here is the AWESOME news. The following is what this person said:
“We have chosen to…house the students of the PiFO/Corban program in unit 3 which houses adults in custody (AICs) with mental health illness. This decision was made intentionally and with purpose.

The purpose of this program is for the students to affect a culture change in our facility (OSCI) and where better to start than with our AICs who struggle the most (in the mental health unit). We trust that the AICs in your program will be good cell-mates, good neighbors, and good examples to help our mentally ill AICs when they might be considered too challenging for the general population.”

I was so shortsighted. I didn’t believe God would use our students so soon. But only two years into our program and now our students are being used by the DOC to “affect a culture change in” OSCI because our students will be “good cell-mates, good neighbors, and good examples.”!

Once again thank you for your continued faithful and consistent support of the PiFO /Corban program in the DOC.

Grateful as always,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director/Founder
Paid in Full Oregon