“I got Baptized … I never want to go back to the old me”

“I got Baptized … I never want to go back to the old me”

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Dear PiFO Supporter,

This is the sixth in a series of testimonies about how the Paid in Full Oregon (PiFO) college degree program is impacting the lives of inmates in prison. In partnership with Corban University and the Oregon Department of Corrections, PiFO is providing a free, four-year college degree for student/inmates who are qualified and serving lengthy sentences in prison. The college is located in Salem at the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). The degree has a value of over $120,000 and it is paid in full by supporters like you!

Here is another testimony from one of our students:

“Hi, my name is Kevin Christ and I’m one of the first people to get into the Corban/PiFO program. In the beginning it meant the world to me, and still does because I would not have been able to do this since I don’t have much money and my hardships with being able to understand the course work/learning problems. Thanks to the teachers with Corban, and them breaking things down,  I’m not only able to understand the course work better but for once I feel that I may be able to get this degree. It took me over six years to get my GED and if the teachers had taught like the Corban teachers do, I would have gotten my GED way faster. The Corban professors take the time to not only make sure that you understand what is being taught, but if you have any questions they answer them right there, and if for some reason they don’t know the answer they work through the questions with you and come to the answers together.

While doing this program, not only have I learned a whole lot, but I also took the jump and got baptized! One of my professors did the baptism. This program has taught me a whole of things about God and the Bible. I knew that there was a god, but I had a hard time understanding how God could love you when He didn’t even know you. But with these classes, and learning more about the Bible, I don’t think that way anymore. That’s why I felt comfortable with taking the step in my faith by baptism. I felt ready, so I did it.

God is working in my life now because I want to get my master’s degree next and help other people by working in the drug and alcohol field. I feel that I could do a lot of good there because I’ve been there myself. I’ve had a hard time with drugs and alcohol, and it got pretty bad for a while. With me on drugs and alcohol I did not care about what happened with myself or my family. I’m very ashamed by the way I was acting while I was using, but now I’m very glad for the love from God as well as my family. I have a whole lot to make up for and I know it. There have been some hard times and problems in my life but the problems will only be problems if you let them. What I have learned in class is to trust my Father to always have my back even if I don’t understand what He wants me to do. All I can do is move forward and take it day by day.

How is God working in my family’s life? Since my faith in God has gotten stronger, my relationship with my family has gotten way stronger because they see the changes in me. They see the new me, the one who wants to help and not destroy. I almost lost my wife and my children because of my dumb thinking as well as acting and I never want to go back to the old me. I like the new me and I have Corban and the PiFO staff to thank for this change.

My time here at OSCI has been hard at times, but as I’ve said before, with God’s help I’m able to get through it and show my family and friends that I’m not the same person as when I came into prison. Even though this is not a normal year because of Covid 19, I would not change anything about my time here at OSCI or the Corban/PiFO program. I’m very glad that I got the chance to make my life better, so I thank the supporters of PiFO and Corban staff. If it weren’t for all of you, we would not have this great program. I thank you and my family thanks you. 


Kevin Christ”

Your support, financially and prayerfully, is creating outcomes like this. You are having an eternal impact on the lives of our students and their families.

Ever grateful,


Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder