It’s laptop time again!

It’s laptop time again!

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Last year PiFO purchased 28 (3 extra for backups) laptop computers for our first cohort of students attending the Corban extension in the Oregon State Correctional Institution. The computers, called Securebooks, are specifically designed for the prison environment. They are “see-through,” and they have no USB ports. Data on them is uploaded and downloaded by the use of a docking station. All of this adds to the safety and security for their use in prison.

Faithlife a company in Bellingham, Washington, contributed 100 licenses for its program called Logos Bible Software. Logos has thousands of resource materials for use in theological study and research. Our first 100 students in the Corban extension will each have their own LOGOS program at no cost. These licenses are valued at several thousand dollars each.

The Oregon Department of Corrections sees the use of these laptop computers by our students as opening the door for other adults in custody (AICs) throughout the Oregon prison system to enhance educational opportunities.

THE COST. Each laptop will cost approximately $700.
Like last year, PiFO will purchase 28 more computers for our new cohort starting this fall. To date, $10,000 has already been pledged by one of our generous donors!UPDATE!!. I just was informed (June 8 at 3:00pm) that we have another generous donor who has agreed to match up to $4800 on the computers! So now we just need an additional $4800 to supply each one of our students in the new fall cohort with a laptop.

Will you consider purchasing one, or a portion of one? DONATE HERE
These laptops will be an integral part of giving a Corban AIC an opportunity for a transformative education. Thank you for your generous support in prayer and financial resources.