Just start singing in the yard

Just start singing in the yard

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I am constantly encouraged by the stories coming out of the Corban extension in the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). Here is another story that I want to share. It is about Jeff Pierce, who is in our first cohort of 25 men. Each man has his own story and hopefully I will be able to share them all over time. We have already heard from Brad Ballantyne and Morgan Bohnstedt. Take a look at their videos on our new website at www.paidinfulloregon.org.

Jeff is a guitar musician. He leads worship in weekly chapel services at OSCI. Barring a miracle from God, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. In his application to enter our college degree program Jeff said:

“What higher calling can I possibly find for my life, and for my time here on earth? What is more important than sharing the Good News that God wants to save us, not just after we die, but here and now? …. What can possibly be more life changing, more amazing, more awesome than this…the one Creator God of the entire universe loves you!”

Now back to the fact that Jeff is a musician. Here is a recent note from Jeff. Regular chapel service for our students has been shut down during the COVID crisis. Jeff writes:

“Happy Easter! He is risen! He is risen! He’s alive! If that is not reason for joy and celebration, then nothing is. Some of us got together in the yard and did our own song service. The corrections officers let us for about 45 minutes . . . About 1/4th of the yard came by and stayed. Three of us with guitars and a couple of more singing. I closed it out by singing “He’s Alive,” best Easter song I know. With no chapel for a month now, we just do it ourselves, with allowance, if not exactly permission. One corrections officer said, ‘I guess you can just start singing in the yard.’”

Please continue to pray for our students at the Corban extension in OSCI, Corban professors, the staff and the Oregon DOC leaders. Especially pray that our students will be able to bring the light of Christ into their unique community.

Finally, we continue to thank you for your financial support. Our budget for this fiscal year is $300,000. Your financial support is greatly appreciated!