Jason, an instrument of HOPE

Jason, an instrument of HOPE

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Dear Friends and Supporters of PiFO,

Education is the biggest factor in reducing the rate of recidivism for men and women coming out of prison. A college degree reduces the rate by over 50%. When you add the element of moral and spiritual transformation to the degree, the rate skyrockets! This is exactly what PiFO and Corban University are doing by providing a biblical perspective in each course offered.

There is a battle being waged not only in our culture on the outside but also (and especially) on the inside behind the walls of prison. Behind those walls hope is the tiniest of clouds. PiFO and Corban are bringing new clouds of hope to the adults in custody (AICs) at the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). These clouds will begin to unleash the reign of the Kingdom.

Here is what one of our students, Jason, said about his reason for applying to the Corban extension in OSCI:

Before my addiction I lived the American dream. I was married at nineteen, fathered three beautiful children, raised them in the church and taught Sunday school. Years of drug addiction eventually led to my incarceration.

Around me now are unfortunate ‘young men’ of all ages. I see so much suffering in their eyes. I daily sigh a simple prayer of ‘Help them Lord.’ I watch them desperately reach out for the approval of other men.

I realized that these men hunger for truth, hunger for comfort and hunger for a purpose that only God can fulfill. God has stirred a clear compulsion in me to be His instrument of peace, hope and love for these men through this program. I am now excited and full of hope.

Jason is in our first cohort which started its second year of classes several weeks ago. Our second cohort of 25 additional AICs will begin classes in mid-November.

Please continue to pray for these men and their families, their instructors and the OSCI staff. To see how you can financially support PiFO please click on this link

Ever Grateful,