Meet Professor Jim Hills

Meet Professor Jim Hills

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Our students at the Corban extension in the Oregon Correctional Institution are well into their Winter semester taking courses in General Psychology, College Writing I, Contemporary Math and Survey of Biblical Literature.
Professor Hills will be teaching College Writing I. He was born in Ithaca, New York, but has lived most of his life on the West Coast. He has been part of the English Dept. at Corban University since 1973.  He taught writing and literature evening classes at OSCI for a dozen years or so as part of Chemeketa Community College’s AA  degree program. He has also taught in Germany and  Indonesia.
His collection of essays, Garage Sale of the Mind  and Other Opinions, was co-winner of the Cascade Prize for creative nonfiction.
“When I learned that Corban University was offering a bachelor’s program at OSCI I was immediately interested…I have come to see that for Christians the classroom can be an exercise in redemption that begins in humility and proceeds toward grace. I am convinced that if I do my job right my students will come to understand that too…especially in a classroom in a prison.”
Jim and Bonnie are the parents of four children, and have six grandchildren and twin great grandchildren. Please join me in welcoming Professor Jim Hills to our college degree program!