Meet Professor Scott

Meet Professor Scott

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Hello PiFO Supporter,

Periodically, I highlight a Corban professor who is teaching a class at the Coban extension in the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). This month I want to introduce you to Professor John B. Scott.

Professor John Scott graduated from Multnomah University with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Education. He graduated from Warner Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science and he received a Master’s Degree in History and Government from the University of Portland. He also has a lifetime certification as a history teacher from the Association of Christian Schools International.

Professor Scott is an associate professor of history at Corban University. He teaches a wide array of subjects including Western Civilization, History of the Middle East, America Since 1945, and History of the American West. He also teaches Birds and Botany of Western Oregon and Creation Care. He has served on the board of the Willamette Heritage Center and has contributed to the center’s journal Willamette Valley Voices. Professor Scott has also written articles for the Oregon Encyclopedia.

He and his wife SuEllen enjoy hiking and visiting wildlife refuges. They are Bible study leaders at Salem Alliance Church.

Here is what Professor Scott has to say about teaching at Corban:

“Corban University allows you to do what you feel gifted to do and encourages new ideas and creative excellence in a Christian environment.”

And here is what he has to say about teaching in the Corban extension at OSCI:

“I have found the AICs hard working and on-point students. I enjoy them. They actually do the reading they are being asked to do where many of my on-campus 20-year-old undergrads are often very slack about doing required reading. Last, I want to honor men who are curious about learning and are taking positive steps to improve their lives.” 

Please continue to pray that our Corban instructors will speak hope and encouragement into the lives of our students.

Ever grateful,



Tom Kohl
Executive Director and Founder