New Website, Ricky Who?

New Website, Ricky Who?

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During this COVID-19 break, I have had an opportunity to get some things done that were being neglected. For example, spending more time in scripture and prayer, intensive gardening, long walks and catching up with old friends.

But the one thing that really needed attention was the revamping of our website. So while I was on a long walk, after finishing some intensive gardening, and while praying, God put it on my heart to get in touch with an old friend, Ricky Russ. And “voila!” I called Ricky.

I have known Ricky since the days when I was the drug court judge in Washington County. Ricky WAS NOT a drug court participant, but he was our faith-based representative on our staffing team. Ricky brought a very unique perspective to helping our participants. It was invaluable. His business cards are also very unique.

I remembered that Ricky was a website developer. I had just received an estimate for revamping our three-year old website that would have cost a bunch of $$. Ricky agreed to do it for a substantially reduced amount. Together, we spent hours on the revamping; me doing the copy and Ricky doing the layout. By the way, Ricky was PiFO’s very first on-line donor.

And now we have our new website. Please visit us at One of our recent visitors said this about it…“Congratulations on the beautiful site! Just wonderful. Very compelling—and I like the length of the videos.”

I hope and pray all of you have had moments to get some things done that were being neglected.

Please continue to pray for our students at the Corban extension in OSCI and pray that classes will restart soon.