Spring semester completed in spite of COVID!

Spring semester completed in spite of COVID!

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I mentioned a while back that the Oregon DOC was allowing a Corban staff person to bring in education packets on a weekly basis. The packets contained homework assignments for our students. When the education packets were dropped off, the staff person also picked up homework assignments from the previous week. This went on for several weeks.

On April 24th, the DOC decided to stop education packets from coming into the prison system. But Corban was allowed to pick up the last assignment from the professors. Although this was disappointing, we had some good news recently from the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Felicia Squires.

Dr. Squires said:

“While we were not able to drop work off yesterday (April 24), I was able to pick up student work. The good news is that we are heading into finals week, so our professors would not have had a lot of work to distribute at this point. (Corban is on a semester system, not a quarter system like the state schools, who have just begun their spring quarter.)

Some of our professors also feel that they have received enough work from students, nearly a whole semester’s worth after the work I picked up yesterday, that they should be able to give students a letter grade for the spring semester.

Continue to pray for the summer semester. Since packets of work can no longer be delivered, until further notice, students do not have the syllabi for their next two classes. As soon as we hear we can send those in, we will, so they can begin work.”

Praise God! He is good. All the time. Please continue to pray for our students and the opening up of the summer semester.