Prayer is the Key!

Prayer is the Key!

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By Paid in Full


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We have been given the “key” to the prison!

Last week, a small group of prayer warriors joined me on a visit to the Oregon State Correctional Institution. We prayed for the students, the prison staff, and the Corban University professors. And we thanked God for you and your generosity that has carried us this far.

At the end of our meeting, one of the prison administrators presented us with a symbolic “key” to the prison. It was an honor to receive it, symbolizing the welcome that they are giving us – and their gratitude for all that Paid in Full is doing to improve inmate’s lives.

But, the real “key” to the prison is not a piece of metal — it’s the power of prayer! It is our prayer that every inmate’s chains of bondage, guilt, anger, resentment and hatred will be broken through God’s love and forgiveness.

When Paul and Silas were in jail, praying and worshiping God, an earthquake caused the doors to open and their chains to fall off. Every prisoner was set free. I am praying that there will be a spiritual earthquake within our prison system that sets the captives free from sin and that lives will be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Will you join us in prayer for this to occur?

Every day, I am amazed at God’s provision for Paid in Full in Oregon. With the remodel of our classrooms fully funded, it is truly an answered prayer.

Now it’s time to prepare for the students. In my last email I mentioned that we need 27 computers at $634 each. This is so that every student inmate can have their own laptop. So far we’ve raised enough for five computers. This means we need 22 more to fill this need. Please consider putting a computer in the hands of a student inmate. You gift will take them one step closer to the life transformation that a Biblically based education can provide.

You are a “key” to Paid in Full Oregon. With your prayers and generosity, you help unlock God’s grace upon this ministry, that will allow for transformation within our prison system.