Should a child ever have to say “My daddy’s in prison?”

Should a child ever have to say “My daddy’s in prison?”

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When Peter gets out of prison, his oldest son, who is currently six, will be 30 years old. Prison is tragic. Not only for the inmate, but also for the young boys and girls who will never experience having a father close by.

It is a well established fact that children of inmates are three to five times more likely to end up in prison than other kids.

Many of our students, like Peter, are fathers too. One of the greatest benefits of this program, is not only that our students will be mentoring and helping other inmates, but they will be learning how to love and serve their family, in Christ, while behind bars.

Peter writes, “I have four kids and a loving wife. I want to see how I can help others again, and for my kids to look up to me for something good I’m doing. I believe in this program. And if I am allowed a chance to grow with you, I will do what God intended me to do which is to share His love to others.”

Peter’s life will be transformed in prison by receiving a Christ-inspired education with Corban University. His kids will be able to tell their friends, “My daddy is in college!” and not, “My daddy is in prison.” They will be able to confidently know in their hearts, that although “daddy made a terrible mistake,” he is changing his life!

His kids will have hope that they are not doomed for the same destiny.  And that’s a huge benefit!

Thank you for your life changing partnership in Paid in Full Oregon. You’ll be inspired to hear more about the 25 student inmates that are now in our program. Please come to our banquet on  November 9. Mark your calendars now for a fantastic evening of inspiration.  You will be greatly encouraged by the stories and testimonies of the men whose lives you are impacting through your support and prayers.