He’s about to start “living the dream!”

He’s about to start “living the dream!”

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By Jerel Skeith


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Only God could orchestrate what is happening right now in the lives of inmates who have been selected for our first class of 25. Here is another amazing story:

“When I was first arrested, I didn’t transition well. I was going to commit suicide two weeks later, but ended up crying myself to sleep that night while holding on to the Bible like a baby with his blanket. That night, God came to me in a dream. I was in prison, preaching and teaching a group of men. When I awoke, I felt amazing, no worries, no stress. God had taken my burdens from me.

“Later that day, I read Psalm 51, and verse 13 jumped out at me as if I had never read it before. ‘And I will teach those who have committed lawless acts and bring them back to you.’ 

“This is exactly what I was doing in my dream – teaching transgressors and bringing them back to God. I’m not applying to this program for the BA degree. I’m applying for the opportunity to receive the education and tools needed to help and mentor others they way God wants me to.”

That’s such a powerful story – and it’s really what Paid in Full Oregon is all about – transforming the lives of inmates so they can become ministers to others. Imagine, God giving these men a life purpose to fulfill – even in prison for many years or the rest of their lives.

I want you to get the full story at our upcoming banquet on November 9. You’ll learn how God is breaking the chains of inmates’ past and giving them hope for the future.

Will you host or sponsor a table? Our goal is to have 40 tables (8 per table) filled with people who want to be a part of this incredible work. The cost for sponsoring a table is $500, the same as last year. If you are interested, please send me an email or call me for further information.

Also, we still need nine more computers to start classes this fall. The cost is $634 per computer. The deadline has been moved back about a month, due to some IT issues.