Chains broken here!

Chains broken here!

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I’ll call him “Al” and he’s in for 20 years. Bound up in the chains of drug addiction, and desperate for cash, he did some bad stuff. But today, his chains are broken through Christ and he’s a model inmate who wrote in his application essay “I’m fully convinced that loving and helping others is the clarion call upon my life.”

The opportunity to transform the lives of inmates like Al is why you are invited to a very special fundraising event on November 9. We are going to launch Paid in Full Oregon’s first full year of ministry and I want you to be a part of it.

Our theme is “Breaking Chains” and we will hear the stories of men who have seen God set them free through His grace. We will celebrate what God has done to make it possible for 25 inmates to complete their formal education with Corban University, and then serve others while serving out their own sentences.

We are now recruiting Table Sponsors and Table Hosts. So, if you’d be willing to sponsor a table for $500, and host a few friends who might be interested in Paid in Full Oregon’s ministry, please let me know! Our goal is to fill 40 tables with people who want to be a part of this incredible work. Would you please help us do that? Send me an email or call me.

Al says, “The men who make up the incarcerated population, despite their guarded personas, hunger for truth, hunger for comfort and purpose that only God can [provide]. God has stirred me to be His instrument of peace and love for such as these. This opportunity being offered is nothing less than His most faithful answer to my most fervent prayer.”

I hope you will come to this event. You will be inspired and blessed. It will be a wonderful investment in the lives of men like Al who are eager to share God’s love with others.

Please let us know that you will come to “Breaking Chains” on November 9.